Genuine stories by those who survived

The biggest and the next main section of our site is based on stories. They are genuine stories of people who witnessed the event and who are able to share their unique stories with the rest of the world.

We have a massive collection of stories obtains from various sources. The first part of the stories is based on people who were at the shopping mall at the place of a terrorist attack. You can read them and understand how they reacted, suffered and survived.

The second part of the stories is based on those who were looking at the entire event from the safe distance. They saw the airplane impacts, they saw the smoke and fire and they have a lot to add. The goal here is to provide you a complete set of stories and the complete insight into the event and all the related situations.

The stories will be updated regularly and we will add new ones as soon as possible. We will try to create a massive base of stories and experiences obtained from people who survived.

There are also more advanced, more specific stories you will want to read. These stories are obtained from people who fought, who discovered and reacted to the threat and who were able to prevent a much bigger catastrophe.

We even have stories from government officials and those who were able to see the attack before it actually happened. How they reacted, how they tried to help and how they fought?

The last type of story comes from people who were the first to arrive at the place or attack. Police officers, firefighters and ambulance workers. Their stories are able to give you tons of details and also to help you imagine the entire event, to the smallest detail.

Visit the memorial site

The site, where once proud twin towers stood is made and remains as the ultimate place for all who want to recall.

You can visit the site at any given moment and you can lay your honors and your pieces of sadness. This site is visited by millions of people each year and it is one of the biggest scars in the country.

If you are planning to visit the site brings flowers and lay them on the names of those who were lost.

Maybe you have lost a friend, a family member or someone you loved. Her, his name will be presented and written in the stones of the site for the whole eternity.

The site is open 24/7 and can be visited at any time of day. There are no rules or regulations you need to comply in order to pay respect. Just come and see all the ones we have lost.

We help maintain the site and keep it in proper order, perfectly clean, maintained and worthy of those whose names are written in the stone and metal.