We will never forget the horror, sadness, suffering and pain. We will always remember and we will always stay tall.

The pain will remain

The pain and suffering will always remain in our hearts and there is no cure for that. We don’t even need a cure, we want to remember and to keep that pain inside all of us. Instead of forgetting, we will use that as a lesson and try to become stronger and better for the future.

9/11 was and it remains one of the biggest and saddest events in our long history. Many lives were lost, many were destroyed and all that’s left is a scar on the faces of all Americans. The only thing we can do is to keep remembering and to keep proud of those who lost their lives.

This is precisely the main purpose of the site. To keep eye on those who survived and to recall of those who didn’t. We will stay online as long as there is the internet and we will guarantee you support, safe heaven and any other help you may need.

Choosing to forget is not an option. If you were present at the scene on this sad date, share your story and help pothers understand the terror that occurred without any reason. Your choice can inspire, help, cure and so much more only if and when shared. Thank you for remembering and visiting the site. Thank you for your time and your suffering.

We recovered. We are stronger than ever before and we will remain here.

There is no defeat that can destroy or damage our nation and our strength. We proudly remain here and stand where our ancestors stood for centuries. We will remain here and we will never fall back.

For all of those who were hurt and who lost someone, we have prepared a museum in honor of the lost lives. We will share the real and genuine artifacts, photos, experiences and so much more.

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Cloud – Creamy Vanilla Custard Vape Juice by ELiquid Depot

E-liquid Depot’s Cloud is a Creamy Vanilla Custard e-juice. You will find this different from all the other vanilla custards on the market. Cloud quickly gained popularity when it first appeared. It’s a nice blend of flavor that is mouthwatering delicious. The taste is sublime and perfect, exactly what you would expect from a vanilla custard. If you like dessert-flavored e-liquids, Cloud can quickly become an all-day vape.

E-liquid Depot is based in Florida, the United States. The company has a range of vape juice flavor profiles on the market. Among the most popular, you will find Cloud. The e-juice is very delicious. It’s perfect for vaping while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or whenever you feel the desire for a good vape.

Savory and Delicious

Cloud is a mouthwatering creamy vanilla custard. The flavor is very smooth and very authentic. It’s quite velvety. The sweetness is subtle. It’s quite good. The flavor is consistent on the inhale and the exhale. The custard is very light to the taste and fluffy. It’s really yummy to vape. There is a nice aftertaste that lingers for a bit on the tongue. It is very pleasant vaping.

This is one juice that you would want to steep, even if it has already been pre-steeped from the factory. You will notice that the flavor just gets better and better, especially if you steep it for a few days or weeks.

VG/PG Ratio

Cloud has the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. The max VG gives the e-liquid a medium thickness which is perfect for vaping with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank.

The cloud production is really good. The clouds have a nice thickness; they are milky white. When you blow, you can feel the thickness in your mouth.

Nicotine Strength

You can choose between nicotine levels of 3mg, or 6mg. The sensation in the throat is quite smooth and pleasant. There is no irritation or burning sensation. If you like strong throat hits, you might feel somewhat disappointed, but after vaping Cloud, you will find that the proposed nicotine levels are mild, not overwhelming but just great to allow you to relish the fantastic flavor.


E-liquid Depot’s Cloud vape juice is available in 120ml bottles that have a dripping tip, but no childproof safety cap. It’s recommended to keep in a safe place away from children. The bottle is made of clear plastic. You can smell the nice aroma of vanilla.

On the label there is a vanilla flower. On top of the flower is the brand logo and at the bottom the product name and nicotine strength. The label also includes a bar code and the vaping facts.


E-liquid Depot offers its products at very cheap prices. You can find at eliquid-depot.com 120ml vape juice for only $11.99. It’s a fantastic deal that you can get only from a manufacturer. The company prides itself on providing premium quality vape juice at very affordable prices.

On the website E-liquid Depot also offers vaping accessories and devices at very good prices. For purchases of more than $50, there is free shipping. For retail shops, the wholesale prices allow them to increase their profit margins and beat the competition online and against other local stores. E-liquid Depot has excellent customer service. You will find it very easy to navigate the website.